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Chris Vitarelli

Chris Vitarelli Headshot Chris Vitarelli

My mission

Chris's mission is to change the way pastors think about the church.

  • Seeing the church as God sees it
  • Preparing people for ministry, and
  • Remaining faithful and obedient to their calling regardless of church size
We want pastors to view their churches as unique, important and necessary in their location. Contentment, obedience and faithfulness will become the benchmarks of a fruitful ministry.

My vision

A collaborative environment (all have something to contribute) A culture of friendship and mutualiy,

  • pedestals (we are all servants)
  • promotions (our gifts differ but there are no super pastors among us)
  • privileges (no entitlements or VIP's)
A learning, growing environment An atmosphere of love, encouragement and blessing

We have three big dreams for Small Church BIG Deal Events...

Inform & Heal These sessions are designed to challenge and change thinking about the small church and help pastors realize that small is not a problem but a reality.
Equip These sessions are designed to give straightforward, practical help on leading in a small church and how to do small really well.
Inspire This session will point pastors and church leaders to resources and options for after the event to continue pursuing church health and vitality in a small context.

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